Chichijima - Ogasawara Islands

QSL Infomation
I will be able to send my QSL card for all QSOs via the bureau except for your direct request.

  • Bureau Request : JD1BMH
  • Please try to include ALL your JD1BMH QSO's on ONE QSL CARD.

  • Direct Request : JG7PSJ(Homecall)

  • Hiroyuki Kawanobe
    1-4-1, Mikamine, Taihaku,
    Sendai, Miyagi 982-0826

    I do NEVER accept PayPal for the return postage.
    I need your SAE(Self Addressed Envelope) to direct reply.

    If the SAE and/or (enough) postage is missing, I send via the bureau.

    Postage: 2USD is recommended
         No EUR please.

         1USD is not enough as return postage from JA to DX.

    Please remember that I can only accept the new valid IRCs(until expiration date for use December 31st, 2021) for direct return.

    QSL cards sent with old IRCs or EUR will be answered via the bureau.

  • Sorry. I do not use LoTW.

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